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We provide economic consultancy services to small businesses and organisations on the topics of competition and regulation

What we offer

Our consultancy services are tailored towards smaller organisations, particularly those operating in smaller economies. 

Small economies face different challenges to larger jurisdictions, and we have firsthand experience of what this means in practice. The key to this is proportionality and ensuring that the benefits of undertaking the work outweigh the costs.

Island Economics Services
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Our Approach

We take a personal approach to understanding your organisation.

Island Economics offers a research based approach to helping you to tackle your problem, by identifying solutions which are both realistic and proportionate. 

By conducting in depth research on the topic in question and applying our regulatory and competition economics knowledge, we can provide you with a bespoke report which has been drafted with your exact issue in mind. 

Our recommendations will be evidence based, with logical economic reasoning applied, as well as consideration of the likely impact of the offerings.

Island Economics Business Services

The Value of

Our services for your company

Our consultancy services provide specific knowledge, analysis and insight to help your business understand the economic environments in which you operate. We work with both the private and public sectors, supporting the economic growth and regeneration of all types of businesses on the Isle of Man and further afield.

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If you have a project which you would like support with, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us at to find out more, or for a personalised quote.

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