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Some of our recent work

Business Planning

Here is an example of a business plan created for a small 3D printing company which, at just over 18 months old, had reached the point where it needed to redefine its strategy. Due to the commercially confidential nature of parts of the document, parts have been redacted prior to publication.

Content Writing

Island Economics aims turn complex topics into simple to understand content.

Below are some examples of our work:

The Challenge of Measuring Inflation in Small Economies

Ex Ante Regulation

The first provides an overview of ex ante regulation and discusses the importance of it as a regulatory tool. The second considers the reasons why smaller jurisdictions may face additional challenges when it comes to calculating inflation. If you have a particular topic in mind please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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If you have a project which you would like support with, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us at katy@islandeconomics.co.uk to find out more, or for a personalised quote.

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